Furious IPA Whiskey

Furious IPA Whiskey

Surly Brewing

Our friends at Surly Brewing have undoubtedly earned a reputation for pushing the limits. So when they approached us about distilling a whiskey based on their modern-classic Furious IPA, we got so excited that we high-fived the dog! If you’re indeed brave enough to relish the in-your-face malt-forward aroma of Furious Malt Whiskey, every sip rewards with delectable waves of zesty citrus sweetness and a finish that reminds you of this spirit's ill-natured pedigree.

Available to purchase at liquor stores in Iowa and Minnesota.

  • Release: July 2021
  • Aroma: Earthy, citrus, caramels, malt forward
  • Taste:Orange zest, taffy sweetness, bready
  • Finish:Zesty finish

About the Beer

People ask us to describe Furious all the time. It’s not quite like any other IPA out there. We give them the flavor notes and the hop profile, but it never seems like it’s enough. What makes Furious Furious? Let’s try this: You know that feeling when you do something that pushes you to your absolute limit? And people think you’re a little off your nut for even doing it? And you kind of agree with them, but goddammit, it’s getting done? And then you f’n DO IT? And there’s no one there to see it but you and the dog so you high-five the dog? That’s Furious.

Style: IPA

ABV: 6.7%

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