We have two stills, both of which were manufactured right here in Iowa. The centerpiece of our distillery is 30-foot-tall, 18-inch-diameter column still with 21 total trays. It is estimated to be the largest still in the craft spirit industry on a throughput basis.

The Stripping section trays are spaced at 12” apart, and the rectification trays are spaced at 18” apart. The increased tray spacing and reduced weir height in the rectification section was done to improve tray efficiencies there.

Each tray was laser cut with twelve ¼ inch holes and contains tubular downcomers. This design was chosen to increase the tray spacing and decrease the weir height for the stripping section, as well as to enhance tray efficiency by reducing entrainment and providing the required weir loading and head recovery to prevent jet flooding.

Estimated to be the largest still in the craft spirit industry on a throughput basis.

We also have a 500-gallon copper hybrid pot still for smaller runs, including our custom batches. It features four trays with the same design as our column still. It also features a vodka condenser packed with dense ceramic saddles that introduce sufficient surface area to allow us to produce ethanol over 190 proof in this unique still.

We have an 8,000 gallon primary fermentation tank, several smaller fermentation tanks and a 10,000 gallon bulk storage tank.


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