It all started with whiskey but our passion for distilling doesn’t stop there. Our core line of Foundry Distilling spirits has grown to include vodka, gin, and rum. Additional spirits made here in our Iowa distillery includes The Real Stuff, Foundry Corn Whiskey, Five-Grain Whiskey, Single-Malt Whiskey, and more! All of which can be purchased individually and some can even be made into a custom-labeled spirit.

Foundry Vodka
750 ml - $20
100% corn, gluten-free and distilled in a four-tray pot still. Smooth and tasty.
Foundry Gin
375 ml - $20
Enticing blend of juniper and botanicals in our flagship gin.
Foundry Rum
375 ml - $20
Cane sugar mash creates a light, clean silver rum.

Heritage Brands

Okoboji Vodka

The first in our series of Heritage Brands is Okoboji Vodka. Our Heritage Brands celebrate people, places and events that Iowans hold dear. That includes the wonderful area known as the Iowa Great Lakes, which distillery founder Scott Bush visited often while growing up in Iowa. Enjoy the Spirit of the Lake. Look for Okoboji Vodka in the Lakes area, the Des Moines metro and all spots in between.

Cheers to Summer!

Brewer-Distiller Alliance

Surly Brewing Company, Boulevard Brewing Company, Stone Brewing Company, and Left Hand Brewing Company Brands

Brewer-Distiller Alliance is a collaboration with several of the best breweries in the industry to make whiskey from the recipes of their well-known beers. The brewers produce wort, which is then fermented, distilled and aged at the Foundry. Each expression will be a one-time, limited release.