Foundry Distilling Company is part of the Foundry project,

a redevelopment of the Rock Island Railroad Car Bar into a multi-tenant food and beverage project in West Des Moines. In addition to our distillery, the project also features The Hall and The Kitchen.

Foundry Distilling’s one-of-a-kind 29-ft-tall column still: unique among distilleries in Iowa

Unique among Iowa whiskey distilleries is the centerpiece of our operation: a 29-foot-tall, 30-inch-diameter column still that was designed and built right here in Iowa. It offers several unique features, including internal LED lights and cameras. It's estimated to be among the top five stills in America on a throughput basis.

A part of the distilling process is Foundry Distilling’s 500-gallon copper pot still and open-top cypress wood fermenter

We also have a 500-gallon copper pot still that was also designed and built here in Iowa, as well as a 500-gallon open-topped cypress wood fermenter.


Get the full Foundry experience with one of the most unique distillery tours in Iowa. Join us on a guided tour of the distillery, where you’ll learn all about the production process that takes place between the walls of our innovative facility. Tours are held daily and cost $15 per person. In addition to seeing the sights, tour guests also receive a complimentary tasting and a $5 coupon for use in the distillery. Plan your tour in advance and you can even order a personalized bottle that will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive.


Event Space Rental

Host your next event at one of the most unique Des Moines distilleries. Foundry Distilling Company can accommodate almost any size of group in one or more of our great spaces. Click here for more information.


Alchemy Lounge is an event space located inside the whiskey distillery of Foundry Distilling Co.


At 1,750 square feet, this is our largest and most flexible space. It features an interactive display with information about our company and products, cozy seating, and impressive views of our production space and barrels. The Lounge runs a full-service cocktail bar Thursday-Friday 4-10pm, and Saturday 2-11pm.

Foundry Distilling Company’s Tasting Room is an event space located inside of their West Des Moines whiskey distillery.


This area is where we do most of our private tastings and host our friends who come to make their own Private Barrel whiskey. It has a fully stocked bar, high end a/v and can host groups of up to 20 people. In the summer, it includes our large outdoor patio, measuring nearly 900 square feet, which greatly increases the size and type of groups we can host.

The Club House is an event space overlooking the whiskey distillery of Foundry Distilling Co.


This mezzanine space was personally designed by our owner and can best be described as jaw-dropping. It is 900 square feet and overlooks the entire facility, including an amazing view of our beautiful still. It is truly a unique event space for those looking to host a special experience in the Des Moines area.