Brewer-Distiller Alliance

In order to make whiskey... you start by making beer.

Starches are converted to sugars, which brewers refer to as wort and distillers call wash. The product is then fermented to create beer. Whiskey requires a couple of additional steps. The beer is distilled to increase the proof and the distillate is then barrel-aged to create whiskey.

The Foundry team has been collaborating with various breweries for many years, and we came up with an idea. Why don’t we use the recipes for some of our favorite beers and further process these into whiskey? The Brewer-Distiller Alliance was born.

Picture yourself enjoying a bottle of the beer and a glass of whiskey, both of which started their life as the same liquid!

We are working with some of the best breweries in the industry to create a collection of the most unique and interesting whiskeys in the world. SCOTT BUSH, OWNER—FOUNDRY DISTILLING CO.

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