Make your own barrel of whiskey.

Whether you are a whiskey enthusiast, a group of friends wanting an extraordinary experience, or just looking to commemorate a special occasion, the Foundry Distilling Private Barrel program lets you to make your own whiskey by crafting a custom barrel of whiskey to your exact specifications. With a bit of inspiration and patience, you can enjoy a truly unique whiskey experience and create a memorable custom spirit gift for your friends and family.

Here's an Overview of the process:

Reserve Private Barrel

To get things started, first complete our step-by-step questionnaire. Fill it out to the best of your ability and our team will review with you. To begin your experience, CLICK HERE.

Schedule Distillery Production

Schedule your distillery production appointment. Production generally takes five to seven days. You may join us in Des Moines for a couple of days and work side-by-side with our team to produce your whiskey. If you choose to join us, we will help coordinate a great time in our fair city with whatever you like to do for fun. We specialize in cool bars, steakhouses and golf courses.

  • MASHING - 1 day
  • FERMENTATION - 3-5 days

We'll be in touch with you leading up to your appointment to help you decide on all the details: mash bill grains, enzymes, pH, specific gravity, yeast strain, fermentation temperatures, barreling proof, etc. During distillery production, you'll monitor the mashing, fermentation and distillation process, as well as help put your whiskey into your personalized (30-gallon) and pilot (5-gallon) barrels. We will send you home with a photo album highlighting your adventure, as well as a display of your mash bill for your home bar or office.

Develop Your Logo

Next, you'll work with one of our graphic designers to bring your whiskey to life. We'll work together to create a distinctive logo that will be the basis for the product and eventual label, subject to approval of the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Receive Quarterly Updates

Waiting is hard so we'll try to make it easier with regular information on how your own custom whiskey is aging. Every quarter, you'll receive an update and sample from your barrel*.

*Subject to applicable laws.

Enjoy Pilot Barrel Bottles

Between 6 to 12 months after barreling, we'll send you your first bottled whiskey. You'll receive approximately 30 bottles from your 5-gallon pilot barrel, with timing based on our collective decision on how the spirit is aging. The smaller pilot barrel is designed to increase the contact of the whiskey with the charred oak inside the barrel, which accelerates the aging process. We'll quarterback the label approval process as well as make arrangements with a local distributor in your area for legal delivery of your special whiskey for you and your friends to enjoy.

Enjoy Your Fully Aged Whiskey

We'll continue to send quarterly updates and samples as the whiskey in your 30-gallon barrel ages. Around 24-36 months after barreling, it should be good to go but that's up to you. When you decide your product is ready, we'll send you approximately 150 bottles of your custom whiskey. That exact number will depend on various factors including the angel's share and proof decisions we'll make together. Once again, we'll work with a local distributor to arrange a legal delivery. It's your call on how to celebrate, but we're guessing a party with good friends will be in order. You'll, of course, enjoy responsibly. After all, you'll have some very special inventory to enjoy and discuss for years to come.

Private Barrel Program Summary

As part of the Foundry Distilling Private Barrel program, you'll receive the following:

  • Customized whiskey production experience, including a photo book capturing your craft experience
  • Display for your home bar detailing your mash bill, yeast selection and other production notes
  • Quarterly updates and samples
  • 30-gallon barrel and 5-gallon "pilot" barrel yielding approximately 180 bottles of premium, custom whiskey - you'll have rights to the barrels when complete

Foundry Distilling will handle ingredient sourcing and barrel sourcing, production and barreling under your direction, barrel storage, label approval, packaging and excise taxes.

Try Our Whiskey Experience Planner

Just answer some basic questions, and we'll be back in touch in two to three days with a free, no-obligation personalized plan and pricing for your whiskey experience in Des Moines.

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